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Department of Civil Engineering


Today we carry the flame of quality teaching –learning process to enlighten global society, tomorrow the flame will glow even brighter.


To provide conducive environment for producing value added competent CIVIL engineers.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • To carryout effective teaching (theory + experiment) fulfilling the syllabus requirements as well as covering relevant content beyond syllabus; to undertake good projects meeting demands of private/cooperative industrial sector, Governmental organization etc; and to arrange site visits for students to correlate the theoretical knowledge with real world.
  • To arrange remedial classes for weaker students; to organize expert lectures by eminent persons from academics, industry and other diversified field; to organize and motivate students for participation in co-curricular, extracurricular activities for overall personality development.
  • To give a role model to the students for being good engineer, good citizen and good human being; and to enhance mass awareness regarding environmental friendly technology and life style.
  • To provide opportunities for the staff for career development within and off the institute; to enhance research facilities in the department; to extend consultancy services to various government and private organizations.

Program Outcomes
The expected program outcomes are as follows:

  1. A civil engineering graduates will have basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering and a sound foundation of basics/fundamentals of civil engineering principles.
  2.  A civil engineering graduate will develop an ability to identify, formulate and solve  specific civil engineering problem.
  3. A civil engineering graduate will be well versed with the experimental methods and will develop an ability to design project integrating the experimental methods. He/she will be able to interpret data.
  4. A civil engineering graduate will demonstrate an ability to work on multidisciplinary tasks using his/her basic understanding of core subjects.
  5. A civil engineering graduate will be familiar with modern engineering tools, software and equipments.
  6. A civil engineering graduates will be well aware about professional and ethical responsibilities.
  7. A civil engineering graduate will be not only versed with the theoretical knowledge rather will be having exposure to the real world engineering problems and working environment also.
  8.  A civil engineering graduate will have good communication skills to express his/her knowledge.
  9. A Civil Engineering graduate will be aware of the latest developments in the arena of civil engineering.
  10. A civil engineering graduate will be aware about sustainable development aspect and environmental friendly technologies.
  11. A civil engineering graduate will be aware about his/her social responsibilities; a civil engineering graduate will be having qualities of good citizen and good human beings also.

The department of Civil Engineering is well equipped as per the latest syllabus of the North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Consultancy services in design and testing are available and are being done.

                                Consultancy Facility in the Department

The Civil Engineering Department offers material Testing and Consultancy services in the following areas-

  • Design of Water Treatment Plant
  • Design of domestic sewage treatment plant
  • Design of industrial wastewater treatment plant
  • Design of solid waste management scheme
  • Design  of Civil Engineering Structures
  • Third party verification of structural/ public health design
  • Soil bearing capacity by Terzaghi’s method,STP or Plate Load Test methods
  • Testing of water as per IS specification
  • Testing of wastewater  as per IS specification.
  • Testing of Civil Engineering Construction materials like cement,sand,gravel,steel tiles,bricks,concrete and mix design also.

 The charges are as per DSR.The major clients already being served are Central Railways,Western Railways,PWD,Jilha Parishad,NMU,Private contractors etc.



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