SSBT COET - Various Committees

Welcome in SSBT COET Committees Section. In order to have smoother and co-ordinated communication and functionality, we at SSBT COET have formed various committees as mentioned under. Please click on respective committee Name for further details.


Academics & Examination Committee
# Name Designation Post
1 Dr. G. K .Patnaik Principal Chairman
2 Dr. K. S. Patil HOD, Applied Science Member
3 Dr. V. R. Diware HOD, Chemical Engg. Member
4 Dr. M. E. Patil HOD, Computer Engg. Member
5 Dr. M. Hussain HOD, Civil Engg. Member
6 Dr. V. S. Pawar HOD, Electrical Engg. Member
7 Dr. M. P. Deshmukh HOD, E&TC Dept. Member
8 Er. P. G. Damle HOD, Mechanical Engg. Member
9 Dr. V. S. Rana HOD, MBA, Dept. Member
Constitution of Boy's Hostel Committee
#Name Designation Position
1 Dr. G. K. Patnaik Principal Chairman
2 Dr. S. L. Patil Rector Member
3 Shri. B. C. Kachhava Hostel Supdt. Member
4 Shri. Ajay Bhardwaj W. S. & Asst. Professor Member
5 Shri. D. D. Puri Asst. Professor Member
6 Shri. P. D. Patil Asst. Professor Member
Constitution of Girl's Hostel Committee
#Name Designation Position
1 Dr. G. K. Patnaik Principal Chairman
2 Ms. Faroza Kazi Rector Member
3 Dr. Sunita Patil Asst. Professor Member
4 Ms. Priti Sharma Asst. Professor Member
5 Ms. Kavita Jadhav Asst. Professor Member
6 Ms. Asha Patil Warden Member
Constitution of Anti-Ragging Committee 2022-23
# Committee Designation Name Affiliation/Designation
01 Chairman Dr. M. Husain HOD Civil
02 Representative of HOD as a Member Dr. V. R. Diware HOD Chemical
03 Representative of Non Govt. Organization Shri. R. D. Barde Advocate
04 Representative of Police P. S. I. Paldhi Police Station Police Sub Inspector
05 Representative of Teaching Staff as a Member a) Prof. Dr. D. D. Puri Asst. Professor, Computer Engineering
b) Prof. A. Bhardvaj Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering
c) Prof. Ms. Kavita Jadhav Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering
d) Prof. Ms. Priti Sharma Asst. Professor, Computer Engineering
06 Student Welfare Officer Dr. N. M. Kazi Asst Prof., E&TC Dept.
07 Representative From Hostel as a Member a) Dr. S. L. Patil Rector, Boys' Hostel
b) Ms. Faroza Kazi Rector, Girls' Hostel
c) Shri. B. C. Kachhava Hostel Superintendant, Boys' Hostel
d) Ms. Asha Patil Hostel Superintendant, Girls' Hostel
08 Representative of Non teaching Staff a) Mr. Jaydev Raul Jr. Clerk
b) Mr. Bhagwat Patil Vehicle Incharge
09 Representative of a Parents as a Member Shri. Prafull Sahebrao Patil (9657117202) Parent of Tejas Patil, FE Electrical
10 Student representative (Senior) Prajakta P. Patil (Hosteler) BE IT
Rajkeshav (Hosteler) BE Computer
Sejal S. Gujrathi (Day Scholar) BE Computer
Harshad R. Patil (Day Scholar) BE Checmial
11 Student representative (Junior) Swati Namdeo Mali (Hosterler) FE Electrical
Harshada Ravindrasingh Rajput (Hosterler) FE Electronics
Chetan P. Shinde (Day Scholar) FE Electronics


Women's Grievance Redressal Committee
# Name Designation Post
1 Ms. Meera P. Kulkarni Assistant Professor, First Year Engineering Chairperson
2 Ms. Priti Sharma Assistant Professor, First Year Engineering Member
3 Dr. P. G. Damle Associate Professor & Head, Mechanical Engineering Member
4 Ms. Faroza Kazi Assistant Professor, MBA Member
5 Ms. Sonali Patil Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Member
6 Mr. Jitendra P. Patil Computer Operator, Admission Section Member
7 Ms. Asha Patil Hostel Warden Member
8 Ms. Manasi Patil TE Computer Member
9 Ms. Shreya Balapure MBA-I Member
10 Ms. Harshada Pachpande SE Civil Member
11 Ms. Shaikh Bushra Yusuf SE Electrical Member
12 Ankita Perdeshi BE E&Tc Member
Committee for S.C. and S.T. (Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989)
# Name Designation Post
01 Dr. K. P. Adhiya Professor, Computer Engg. Dept. Chairman
02 Mr. P. G. Damle Associate Prof., Mechanical Engg. Dept. Member
03 Mrs. Dhanashree S. Tayade Asst. Prof., Computer Engg. Dept. Member
04 Mrs. Deepmala Desai Asst. Prof., Applied Science Dept. Member
05 Mr. Y. K. Chitte Registrar Member
06 Mr. Sudhir S. Patil Librarian Member
07 Mr. Sunil L. Patil Sr. Clerk Member
Constitution of Student's Grievance Redressal Committee (As per guidelines of AICTE for students)
# Name Designation Post
01 Dr. G. K. Patnaik Principal Chairman
02 Dr. S. R. Suralkar E&Tc Engineering Member
03 Dr. P. G. Damle Associate Prof., Mechanical Engg Member
04 Smt. Meera Kulkarni Applied Science Member
05 Yogini R. Lule Student TE (Comp.) Member
06 Bhushan S. Patil Student TE (Ele.) Member
07 Vinod A. Nair Student TE (E&Tc.) Member
Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
# Name Designation Post
01 Dr. S. R. Suralkar Professor, E&TC Engg. Chairman
02 Mrs. Meera Kulkarni Assistant Prof., Applied Science Member
03 Dr. P. G. Damle Associate Prof., Mechanical Engg Member
04 Shri. S. R. Girase Assistant Registrar Member
05 Ms. Asha Patil Warden, Girls Hostel Member
06 Divyashri A.Patil Student of TE, Civil Member
07 Nikita S. Bhangale Student of TE, Mechanical Member
08 Mohit M. Patil Student of TE, Computer Member
09 Adv. R. D. Barde Advocate Member
Institute Innovation Council (IIC)
# Name of Member Key Role/ Position assigned in IIC
01 Dr. Girish Kumar Patnaik Chairman
02 Dr. Sudhakar B. Pawar Vice President
03 Dr. Manoj E. Patil Convener
04 Dr. Vijay R. Diware ARIIA Coordinator
05 Dr. Pravin A. Shirule Startup Activity Coordinator
06 Dr. Dnyaneshwar K. Kirange IPR Activity Coordinator
07 Dr. Pankaj H. Zope NIRF Coordinator, Innovation Activity
08 Faroza Kazi Social Media
09 Mr. Mahendrasingh G. Chavan Member
10 Dr. Sandip S. Patil Member
11 Dr. P. G. Damle Member
12 Dr. K. Shrivastava Member