Industry Institute Symposium on Software Development

Industry Institute Symposium on Software Development (25th January 2020) Jointly Organized by IQAC, T&P Cell and Department of Information Technology

Modern Society is increasingly dependent on software’s and apps that are becoming more useful for day to day activities. This poses new challenges to the various aspects of software development, for instance, software dependability in trusted computing, interaction with physical components in cyber physical systems, quality assurance in AI systems, distribution in cloud computing applications, security & privacy in general. Hence new concepts & methodologies are required to enhance the development of software engineering from theoretical aspects.

As there is rapid change in technology in IT industry, it is always a challenge for the academician to cope with the latest trends in industry and develop highly skilled globally accepted students.

Moreover, the IT sector is getting open to all disciplines of engineering. Engineers of diversified discipline are finding their roles in the specific IT sectors and are contributing to enrich it. The present symposium has provided an opportunity to IT professionals of various disciplines, entrepreneurs to exchange and share their thoughts to motivate the students to become entrepreneurs there by increasing the volume of IT sector in Jalgaon district and also the job opportunities.

Inaugural of Symposium

The preface speech was given by Dr. U. S. Bhadade followed by four sessions. For discussion in each session, 3/4 members from software industry participated and the session was conducted by faculty member from college. In the valedictory functions feedback of students were given by Ms. Shruti Sharma and Mr. Rane, Dr. S. A. Thakur gave vote of thanks.

In each session the brief information was given by the coordinator of the session followed by the views of the panel members. Thirteen persons from software industry had participated in panel discussions. Seventy five students from IT, fifty one students from Computer and eight students from E&TC department had participated in this event.

Session 1 - Growth of Software Industry in India, Recent Development & Future Scope

Session Chair: Dr. K. P. Adhiya.

Panel Members: Mr.Kishor Khadase, (Director, Asia Computers), Mr. Manoj Chandak, (Co Founder Excellent Software Solutions), Mr. Vinod Sharma, Co Founder Excellent Software Solutions

In this session following Questions were asked by Dr. K. P. Adhiya to all panel members.

What is the future of software engineers in the Indian IT industry? Mr. Vinod Sharma said that, IT is penetrating all domains. With AI machine learning data science literally affecting all domain fields like law, medicine, education, translation, audio video, HR etc. Software code will automate most jobs in the near future even cooking to an extent. Now whatever problems my esteemed colleagues are pointing out here will be faced by all fields very soon. And we will always have a large workforce because India is a huge country with lot of people.

What are the Latest Trends in Information Technology? Mr. Manoj Chandak, CoFounder Excellent Software Solutions has given answer of this question. He said that, If you want to be ahead of the competition, you will need to know the latest trends and events occurring within your industry. However, having a good knowledge of your industry is not enough as there is one key external factor that is important and will dictate the direction of the industry – the IT sector. Today, IT has become a huge agent of change in different business aspects of the society. It is a game changer when it comes to the resolving of social and economic issues. Some of the major trends in the IT sector are obvious. The Internet of Things (IoT), Big data, Mobile web performance, Artificial intelligence, Cloud computing etc.

Session 2 - Nature of Jobs & Career opportunities in Software Industry

Session Chair: Dr. U. S. Bhadade.

Panel Members: Mr.Umesh Sethia, (Director, Santronix Computers), Mr. Ganesh Naik, (Managing Partner, Cool Software Solution), Mr.Bipinchandra Neve, (Director, Clientate Computers)

In this session following Questions were asked by Dr. U. S. Bhadade to all panel members.

Which is the best career option in the software industry (like Java, Oracle, etc)? Mr.Umesh Sethia, Director, Santronix Computers and Mr. Bipinchand Neve, Director, Clientate Computers focused on Career development based on IQ instinct, ability to interpret and work in technology on basis of your mind responses to various technologies as you enter and grow in field with mentoring help of teachers. Building Software industry career demands at least two to three varieties of skill set that not only balances use of your qualities but also helps you to get the best preference as you move in industry. Technology skills can be best judged by first experiencing know how on various domain areas, happening growth areas and future technologies. A good IT career can be best worked out through good problem understanding and ability to give the best solution. New Technologies like C#/ F# and database expertise are in wonderful demand in market. Ideally approach should be enter with 3-5 to technologies, grow well in 2-3 of them and master yourself in 1-2 within these.

What is the scope of software engineers in India? Mr. Ganesh Naik, Managing Partner, Cool Software Solution said that, At this moment, it is good. With lot of new technologies coming in like cloud and Big data (not wholly new, but relatively new at least in the Indian space), there is some growth that is deemed to be possible until at least the next 5-10 years. This duration should be good enough to establish oneself firm footed. Also, another mandate is the operation of Indian IT industry of late in the mode of "survival of the fittest". So, one should constantly be on their toes to keep up with the dynamic nature of this work space.

Session 3 - Software Industry Development in Local Perspective

Session Chair: Dr. G. K. Patnaik

Panel Members: DMr. Prasad Neve, (Director, Softranic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. R. V. Kabra, (Director, Spark Systems), Mr.Kalyan Dani, MD, Yippee Technology

In this session Dr. G. K. Patnaik had asked following Questions to all panel members.

How can we find the right software development company? Mr. Prasad Neve, Director, Softranic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has given answer of this question. He said that, Choosing the ideal software technology stack is a crucial decision in every IT initiative. Not having your own software development team in this competitive digital era means that you should outsource relevant services to save time and IT anxiety.
There are thousands of software development companies around the globe and making the right choice requires in-depth planning and research. In fact, There are a lot of questions you need to answer. For example, does a specific company guarantee optimal and timely results? What are the reviews of clients that have worked with them? Do they have the right people for the job? It is important to know these answers before making a decision.

What are the right steps needed to start a software company? Mr.Kalyan Dani, MD, Yippee Technology said that,The most important thing is vision you can build a software company in a number of ways
1. Solving client problems this is a slow approach though when you start,Mainly because you knew no body is aware of what you are doing and if you are good at it. Hence if this is the approach you want to take, make sure you gain a good profile and portfolio
2. Create products — look at your environment and try to solve many problems that your environment faces. Research on how to solve the problem then just do it, don’t think twice, one of your products is likely to break even in time.
3. Hybrid - in my opinion it’s the best approach get a team organise yourselves, get clients and create products while you are idle to me, this is the best approach. Though later you will be faced with issues such as managing people, products and clients, all this you will have to learn in time.

Session 4 - Understanding Job Roles & Associated Skill Development for Software Industry

Session Chair: Dr. S. P. Shekhawat

Panel Members: Mrs.Divya Patil, (HR & BDM, Libity Infotech Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Pratik Patil, (Director, Mudra Solutions), Mr.Ashvin Bangar, (Director, Scriptlet Solutions), Mr.Dipak Ahuja, Director, Texion Solutions

In this session Dr. S. P. Shekhawat had asked following Questions to all panel members.

What Skills Does a Software Developer Need? Mrs.Divya Patil, HR & BDM, Libity Infotech Pvt. Ltd. said that, Computers touch nearly every part of life. For that, you can thank software engineers. They’re the ones responsible for developing, designing, testing, writing, modifying, and debugging software based off specific requirements. Although there are plenty of full-time software engineering jobs out there, it can also be a flexible position, with contracting and freelancing opportunities commonly available. To keep up with the world’s ever-growing interest in new and better computer programs, a whole lot of software engineers will be hired in the coming years. If you’re hoping to excel in this industry, you will need to keep up, as well.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a software developer? Mr.Ashvin Bangar, Director, Scriptlet Solutions said that, The job of a software developer depends on the needs of the company, organization or team they are on. Some build and maintain systems that run devices and networks. Others develop applications that make it possible for people to perform specific tasks on computers, cell phones or other devices. Finally, This symposium gave platform to the Owners/ Directors/ Personnel of the software companies, Academician and Students to have an interaction and share cutting edge advancements in the field of software development.

Glimpses of Industry Institute Symposium on Software Development