Preface: PRE-AMBLE

Pass out students of SSBT’s College of Engineering & Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon has formed an Alumni Association in 2003 under the name "Shram Sadhana Engineers Alumni Association", abbreviated "SEA".


To strengthen, nourish and serve all alumni and present students by fostering a network of likeminded professionals whose vocation and ambition is to advanced friendship, fund raising and public relation activities, to maintain lifelong intellectual and emotional relationship between the college and alumni.


  • To provide a forum to enable the alumni to keep contact with their alma mater and also with one another.
  • To utilize the expertise and resources of alumni in curriculum design to meet current trends in engineering & for all-round development of the college.
  • To enhance library and laboratory facilities with the assistance from alumni.
  • To create career opportunities for the present as well as the past student though interaction with resourceful alumni.
  • To organize Seminars, Conferences and Expert Lectures for sharing the knowledge and experience of resourceful alumni.
  • To organize Annual Convention of alumni with social, literary and cultural programmes.


To develop an alumni association which supports the mission and Vision of the college & to develop an effective communication with alumni.

To create a responsible and productive alumni association board which sets strategic direction and brings value to the work of the association.

Alumni Coordination Committee

# Name of Authority Designation Post
1 Dr. G. K. Patnaik Principal Patron
2 Mr. A. C. Wani Asstt. Professor, Computer Engg. Co-ordinator
3 Dr. Sunita Patil Asstt. Professor, Applied Science Member
4 Mrs. J. R. Mali Asstt. Professor, Civil Engg. Member
5 Mr. V. P. Sangore Asstt. Professor, Chemical Engg. Member
6 Ms. Priti Sharma Asstt. Professor, Computer Engg. Member
7 Dr. N. M. Kazi Asstt. Professor, E&TC Engg. Member
8 Mr. N. P. Jagtap Asstt. Professor, IT Engg. Member
9 Dr. Richa Modiyani Asstt. Professor, MBA Member

Responsibilities & Functions of Alumni Coordination Committee:

  • Building, maintaining a strong relationship between the Alumni Association and current students.
  • Managing the online channels of communication with the alumni
  • Building and maintaining the alumni database
  • Identifying potential Alumni and inviting them to college for guest lectures and as visiting faculty
  • Organizing events for the alumni
  • To promote and support educational activities and programmes for the benefit of the alumni and the students.