Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

The institute believes in holistic development of students. For every academic year, the institute makes provision for extra-curricular activities in its academic calendar that balances between curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of students. For all round growth of students, it is necessary that students must be aware of diversified and rich culture of India. It is also nessary for building connect with the country. Thats why, SSBT have a very active Cultural Committee, which organizes/regulates and manages all the cultural activities of the institute. The members of the committee are always actively looking for every aspect of the event, that can make student grow beyond academics.


To promote and arrange extracurricular activities to bring out the hidden talents of students & to motivate them for participating in these activities which includes cultural & social activities for the overall development.

Cultural Committee:

Cultural Committee
# Name Post
1 Dr. M. V. Rawlani Chairman
2 Ms. Faroza A. Kazi Member
3 Dr. N. Y. Ghare Member
4 Mr. J. N. Kale Member
5 Dr. N. M. Kazi Member
6 Mr. M. B. Patil Member

Facilities available for Cultural Activities in the Institution:

  • One teaching faculty is given additional charge of Chairperson, Cultural Committee.
  • A committee of teaching and non-teaching faculty consisting atleast one teaching faculty from each department is appointed under the Chairperson of the committee.
  • A committee of students consisting of atleast one from each BE class is appointed under the Chairperson of the committee.
  • Two Seminar Halls of size 162 m2 each are provided for the cultural activities
  • Open Air Theatre with capacity of 2000 students.
  • The seminar Halls are well furnished and equipped with AC, LCD,, sound system, computer etc.
  • Good audio-video facility are available in the hall.
  • Yearly Budget is allocated by the management for various cultural activities.
  • Academic calendar has specifically allocated time schedule for Cultural Section.

Total Number of Cultural activities conducted:

Cultural Committee
Sr. No. Academic Year No. of Activities
1 2016-2017 07
2 2017-2018 09
3 2018-2019 19
4 2019-2020 14
5 2020-2021 08

List of various Cultural Activities:

  • Independence Day
  • Dahi Handi
  • Ganesh Utsav
  • Engineers day
  • Essay Competition
  • Clean Room Competition
  • Traditional Day
  • Slogan Competition
  • Republic Day
  • Signature Day
  • Group Day
  • Chocolate Day
  • Rangoli Competition
  • Instrumental Competition
  • Skit Competition
  • Sketch Competition
  • Dance Competition
  • Saree Day Competition
  • Tie Day Competition
  • Dumb-Charade Competition
  • Singing Competition
  • Elocution Competition
  • Mimicry Competition
  • Debate Competition
  • Personality Contest
  • Fashion Show
  • Annual Gathering (Vasant Utsav)

Reports on Cultural activites (Yearwise):

Glimpses of Recent Cultural Activites: