Department of Chemical Engineering


Today we carry the flame of quality education, knowledge and progressive technology for global societal development; tomorrow the flame will glow even brighter.

To provide conducive environment for preparing competent, value added and patriotic chemical engineers of integrity of par excellence to meet global standards for societal development.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Program Educational Objectives of the Department of Chemical Engineering are to educate undergraduate students who are during the first few years following the graduation will have – 1. Core knowledge , 2. Employment and 3. Professionals competency.

  • PEO 1. Core Knowledge - To provide the quality education in the field of basic sciences, mathematics, chemical engineering and allied technologies to pursue higher education and research for global socioeconomic development.
  • PEO 2. Employment - To motivate the students for gaining value added knowledge and real world exposure by industrial training, visits and workshops.
  • PEO 3. Professional Competency - To build a chemical engineer of integrity and par excellence with professional and ethical values.
  • An ability to execute knowledge of basic science, mathematics and engineering.

  • An ability to display the research by designing, conducting, interpreting and analyzing experimental data for preparing reports.

  • An ability to demonstrate the caliber of product designing according to the standards.

  • An understanding to demonstrate the ability to perform the task with multidisciplinary teams.

  • An ability to identify, formulates, design and provide the solution to various chemical engineering problems.

  • An ability to demonstrate the understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.

  • An ability to communicate formally and informally.

  • An ability of designing the product to meet economical and societal requirements.

  • A commitment to reveal self education, social values by providing the services to society through lifelong learning.

  • An ability to understand the environmental issues and to provide solutions for green and clean technologies.
  • An ability to demonstrate the computational skills using engineering software.
  • PSO1- The Chemical Engineer will be employable in chemical and other allied industries by acquiring the innovative and research based knowhow of basic science, mathematics and engineering about designing, conducting, interpreting and analyzing experimental data, providing the trouble shooting of various major and minor problems in the process industry to meet out requirement of solution for green and clean technologies.

  • PSO2- The Chemical Engineer will be able to take up their higher studies, research and performing the task using formal and informal communication with multidisciplinary teams.

  • PSO3- The Chemical Engineer will acquire the ability of designing the product using computational skill to meet economical and societal requirements with professional and ethical responsibilities and reveal self education, social values by providing the services to society through lifelong learning.

The Department has got the NBA Accreditation by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) Committee constituted under AICTE with effect from 15-02-2005 for 3 Years and re-Accredited for 5 Years from 19/08/2008 and again re-Accredited for 2 years with effect from 01/07/2014. Department of chemical engineering came into existence in 1996 with starting of B.E. programme in Chemical Engineering. The department is having highly qualified and experienced faculty and modern infrastructural facilities. The department is engaged in teaching and research in chemical engineering & related area. This department caters to needs of B.E. Chemical engineering course as prescribed by the North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (M.S.). All the laboratories are spacious & equipped with modern & sophisticated equipments, machinery and software Aspen HYSYS

Chemical Engineering Department is registered for Ph.D. programs.

The curriculum of chemical engineering includes the subjects like Industrial Chemistry, Thermodynamics-I, Engineering & Solid Mechanics, , Fluid Mechanics, Industrial Organization and Management, Biology, Material Science, Thermodynamics – II, Material and Energy Balance Computations, Project Management and Entrepreneurship, Mass Transfer-I & II, Chemical Reaction Engineering-I & II, Particle and Fluid-Particle Processing, Heat Transfer, Process Dynamics & Control, Computer Aided Process Equipment Design Modelling & Simulation, Chemical Plant Design & Project Engineering, Transport Phenomenon

Professional Elective Core Subjects - Process Equipment Design, Advance Catalysis, Polymer Science and Engineering, Intellectual Property Rights, Instrumentation & Instrumental Analysis, Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering, Oil Technology, Interfacial Engineering

Open Elective Course Subjects - Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Alternative Energy Sources, Electrochemical Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Biotechnology

Interdisciplinary Elective Subjects - Energy Engineering, Industrial Hazards & Safety Elective Subjects - Biochemical Engineering, Petrochemical Technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Piping Design, Industrial Pollution Control, Advance Separation Techniques, Polymer Technology, Oil Technology, Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering, Advance Catalysis, Plant Utility, Intellectual Property Rights are included in the curriculum in order to accustom the students with all facets of chemical engineering. Industry oriented projects, experimental projects, design projects are given to the third and final year students. Student has to go under Internship and Industrial visit during the tenure of the course.

Consultancy Facility in the Department:

Consultancy is available in following area of specializations:

  • Erection and commissioning of Vegetable oil refinery
  • Erection and commissioning of solvent extraction plant
  • Mechanical oil extraction plant
  • Manufacture of Hard Soap and acid oil Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Water Analysis

College also has testing facility on following products:

  • Testing of Crude and refined vegetable oils
  • Testing of effluent waters
  • Testing of Soap and Detergent

Alumni of the Department:

# Name of Student Designation Organization
1. Nilesh Patil GM, Production Reliance Industries, Jamnagar
2. Vilas Patil PR & OI Engineer SABIC, Saudi Arabia
3. Adnan Ahmad Khan General Manager – Projects Spectrum Pharmatech Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Thane
4. Rupali Patil Sr.Manager Reliance Industries, Rasayani
5. Pankaj Chaudhari Sr.Manager Lupin Ltd, Ankleshwar
6. Anand Pandya Sr. Manager Market Devlpoment
(South Asia & Middle East)
Lubrizol Advanced Materials India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai
7. Naresh Samnerkar Project Engineer Bechtel OG&C, Houston, Texas (U.S.A)
8. Bhushan Shah Marketing Head Pharma Division
(Domestic and International)
Kores (India) Limited
9. Kavishwar Kalambe Head of Chemical Unit Thermex Limited, Dahej, Bharuch
10. Sonali Patil Sr.Process Engineer Aker Solutions, Norway