Events and Activities

Activities plays vital role in overall development of Students and help them gain confidence on themselves with good physique as well as mental strength. At SSCOET, we keep on organising various events and activities from time to time on Technical Knowledge Sharing Front in form of International, National, State level Conferences, Seminars and Workshops along with Contents and Paper Presentations. On other fronts this includes Annual Cultural Event, Various Sports Activities and other events.

FEAST (Festival of Engineers, Administrators, Scientists and Technocrats) - The Lecture Series

Development is a continuous process in each and every field. With the new inventions and discoveries, the process of development has gained an enormous momentum. It is mammoth task for the students to keep themselves in sync with this momentum and keep themselves updated. Keeping this in mind, SSBT organizes a ‘Feast’ of Lectures from the known and eminent personalities in different fields. A diverse number of experts and practitioners who have been involved in academics, industry, society and active research in various issues are the resource persons for the event. SSBT rightly calls the ‘FEAST’ as the ‘Nourishment of Minds’ as it builds the capacity and provides the space for discussion and research related to industrial and social aspects. It is also a key tool in building the research network between the students and other various agencies, organizations and the persons working on the related issues.

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International Conference

In our era, the science and technology are the driving force of the Human Progression. Technology has radically transformed the way we live and communicate today. There are both the brighter side and the darker side of technology. The technology has to change its trends from time to time. Considering the major shifts in the technology like Macro to Micro and the newer dimensions in the technology like the Convergence of technology, the Interdisciplinary research has become quite significant. This requires the academicians from diverse fields to come on a common platform share their expertise and experience.


National Seminar/ Conference

The College conducts National Seminar on different current trends to have interaction among experts from industry, teachers and students. Such seminars involve paper reading on a particular theme and followed by the group discussions to clarify the complex aspects of a theme.

Science Exhibition

The university level science exhibition is organized by the department of applied sciences is an event that gives a platform for the students to use their imagination, creativity and blend it with the scientific laws and exploring the new dimensions of technology. Exhibition also helps the students to actually experiment and demonstrate their ideas.

National Level Student Paper Presentation (Milestone)

'Milestone' is one of the most important activity for the students, designed by SSBT with an objective of optimizing the participants technical and communication skills and to help them overcome the fear of making presentations and being watched by the people while they speak. The event provide the students a platform for putting forth their knowledge in a better manner through presentations. It optimizes the skills of the participants inculcating various social and personal etiquettes in them, making them able enough to face the challenges in the corporate.

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SSBT Fest is a national level Tech-fest that nurtures the passion for creativity and innovation among the students. Such events help in sharpening the skills and develop the vision of the students. It comprises the events like Poster presentation, Robo Race, I-Quiz, Electrotrix, Paint Ball, Town planning, Aqua Robo, Geneius Returns and Box cricket

Alumni Meet

The Alumni of any educational institution become the face of the institution when they enter into the industry. While actually working in the industry they come across many experiences and by sharing these experiences they can give an exact idea of the current scenario of the Engineering profession in the industry. These experiences can be very useful for the students to update themselves about their profession and industry. A nexus between the Alumni, Students and the Educational institution makes this possible and helps the students become fit to face the challenges in the industry. SSBT Collage of engineering and technology has a functioning alumni association under the name ShramSadhana Engineering Alumni abbreviated as ‘SEA’. The Alumni meet is organized by SSBT every year. The Alumni meet enables to enhance the communication that encourages networking and information sharing. It motivates and encourages the alumni and current students for higher studies, placements and selecting right job.

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Parents' Meet

Proper communication between the Parents and the teachers is very important in the academic life of the students. This communication helps the parents and the faculty to understand the student’s needs and the challenges he or she faces in the academic life. With an aim of providing a forum for the teachers and the parents to interact freely, SSBT organizes a Parents Meet. All queries and the suggestions of the parents are taken into consideration and are discussed thoroughly and the possible solutions are noted and discussed. This helps in building the trust between the parents and the institution.

Annual Gathering

The annual gathering which is known as ‘Vasantotsav’ is one of the most important and colorful extracurricular activity by SSBT which helps in bringing out the talents and shed all the stage fear and complexes with the help of performing arts. The College has one Open air Theatre of 2500 students’ capacity for such type activities.

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