Milestone - 2k22

A Report on MILESTONE- 2K22

Date: 19th April 2022

Time: Inaugural Ceremony: 10.00 am to 11.00 am

Events: 11.00 am onwards

Aim / Purpose:

The MILESTONE-2K22 is a National Level Mega Event organized by our institute every year since 2004-05. This event drives the different activities such as Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, and different activities for students of various streams that are as follows:

  • Career to Corporate
  • Code-a-thon
  • Carnival: Fun of Marketing
  • Creator: Website Design
  • Creativepreneur
  • Googler
  • Innovators: Best from Waste
  • Model Making: (Theme: ‘Sustainability and Environment Friendly)
  • Reals and Reels: (Smart Phone Movie Contest)
  • Scavenger Hunt

The whole event was organized & managed by students under the guidance of Management, Principal and Teachers. The main purpose of organizing various events under MILESTONE is to provide platform to the students. To encourage budding students by providing them with the opportunity to present their work on their area of interest, build confidence, gain feedback and meet like-minded fellow students. To judge the students based on their creative aspects but also to trigger thought process among the students towards recent trends in Science & Technology/ Commerce & Management/ Pharmacy.

The Paper and Poster presentation theme was Recent Trends in various disciplines such as Science & Technology, Engineering, Computer Application, Pharmacy, Commerce& Management. It aims to bring out creativity and analytical skills among students and to enhance knowledge in a particular subject.To help learners to focus on a certain idea, event, fact or process.


  • To groom students by imparting corporate etiquette, sharpen aptitudes and inculcate self-confidence by making a mark of his/her own personality.
  • Examine how marketing tools and processes can enable entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their ideas.
  • To test the knowledge and innovativeness of students in programming.
  • To foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture.
  • To test the proficiency of the participant in web design.
  • Understand and explain the importance of critical thinking.
  • To encourage the students on reusing and recycling waste products produced in their homes, college and locality.
  • To reinforce the practice of learning by doing.
  • To develop their curiosity, predicting and persistence skills through searching for treasure.
  • To discover and explore, solve problems, test new ideas and experience companionship, cooperation and teamwork

Participant’s Profile:

The participants were students of the same college & other colleges from various disciplines like Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Arts Commerce and Science.

Description about the Program:

SSBT’s College of Engineering and Technology, Institute of Pharmacy and SSBT’s Arts, Commerce & Science College, Bambhori, Jalgaon organized the National Level Mega Event "MILESTONE- 2K22" on 19/04/2022.The Event was conducted by Women Faculty Members along with students (03 Faculty Convener and 05 Student Covener).

The event was inaugurated with warm welcome & felicitation of Chief Guest (Mrs.Rashmeerekha Pati, Zonal Manager, Bank of Maharashtra, Jalgaon) by Dr. G. K. Patnaik - Principal, SSBT’s College of Engineering and Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon (M.S.). The Chief Guest being from Banking Sector provided information to the students about various terms of Banking and technical skills and also guided students how to acquire those skills and prepare themselves for campus interviews and get good placements. Also she motivated the students on how to become Entrepreneur & how to provide job opportunities to others. Also she shared her views on how paper/ poster presentation and various events like Creativepreneur, Creator, etc that will help students in their future career.

Feedback & Analysis:

The participants found that the overall event was knowledgeable, skilled, enthusiastic, very well organized and they were happy and enjoyed the various events a lot. Students have got good knowledge from Technical Papers, Posters, Models and various Events of different expertise. Overall participants enjoyed in MILESTONE 2K22 – A National Level Mega Event.


After participating different activities under MILESTONE events are concerned, it gives students.

  • It provides an opportunity to learn in detailed about a core subject which is a part of curriculum and develop effective presentation skills.
  • To bring out the creative expression of students.
  • To gauge their knowledge and awareness of recent trends in various fields.
  • To improve confidence in public speaking platform.
  • To integrate knowledge, skills, and techniques of marketing and selling.
  • Opportunity to sharpen organizational and communication skills.
  • To analyze the talent and efforts of best web designers.
  • To foster the creativity, imagination and the skill of presenting their ideas, thoughts and perceptions.
  • To enable the students to give this creativity & innovation a shape.
  • To develop critical thinking skills in the students, by providing them with a fun filled activity-based learning time.

Mrs. Sarika S. Pawar - Asst. Prof., Department of Biotech Engineering
Mrs. Nilima S. Ramteke - Asst. Prof., Department of Computer Engineering
Dr. Richa A. Modiyani - Asst. Prof., Department of Business Administration
(Conveners of MILESTONE- 2K22)

Glimpses of Milestone-2k22: