Department of Computer Applications

About the Department

Department of Computer Application was established in 2021. The department offers two-year Master of Computer Application (MCA) programme with an intake of 60. The department focuses on certain key aspects such as providing quality education to students, improving learning skills, and training to acquire the professional skills needed in a career. The department provides conducive environment to enable students into socially involved professionals.

The department has qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members who contribute to the development of students' academic expertise and interpersonal skills. Various technical sessions, seminars, and personality development programs are conducted by the department for holistic development of students.

The MCA programme is comprehensive and structured in a way that best suits the industry. The curriculum is in a way that provides in-depth information on subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Programming, Algorithm Design, Web technology, Android App Development and Data Analytics but also hands on sessions.

The department has ICT enable classrooms, seminar room, computer labs with latest hardware & software, high speed internet, extensive online references etc. The department provides assistance for placement.