Department of Applied Science

About the Department

Applied Science is an important department in Engineering Institute. It was established in 1983 with only one lab. Since then, i.e. during the last 38 years under the valuable guidance of the management, our department has been taking all out efforts in providing quality education thereby facilitating teaching learning in a fruitful manner. We have eight well-equipped & well-furnished laboratories along with an experienced and qualified staff.

The students admitted to Engineering, have to complete the courses offered by the department. These include Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, English Soft Skills and Environmental Science. Any Engineering student must have the proper knowledge of Mathematics, as it is the language of Physical Science, Engineering, Economics and Finance. Many discoveries in Physics and Engineering were predicted by Mathematics before they were observed experimentally. There is no Skill shortage professionals like taxi driver, carpenter, electrician and parcel deliverers. Those who possess technical skills need Mathematics. Thus, Mathematics is the backbone of Engineering. Similarly, Physics and Chemistry are the two other subjects along with Mathematics which constitute Science. Application of these subjects in real life problems is called Engineering.

To be a good Engineer, s/he needs very good communication skills. For that a courses like English and soft skill are taught. To be a successful Engineer, one must be good English Communication. We have set up a Language Lab that caters to the linguistic needs of the students. Due to this language lab our students can enhance their proficiency in English Language through practicals.Should be sensitive towards the environment, the subject of Environment Studies has been prescribed in the curriculum. This subject is also part of Applied Science. So they need Our Department ensures that all the subjects are taught efficiently providing good content and practical knowledge.

We are in process of setting up a Tinkering Lab meant for Technical Up gradation of students. Our teachers are involved in developing various working models for understanding of basic concept of science whereby students are able to understand Engineering applications in a better manner.

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