Department of First Year Engineering

Department of First Year Engineering was established in 1983 and then gradually excelled in providing a strong foundation to forth coming engineers. The department offers fundamental courses in Science & Technology such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Environmental Studies. The department has competent and knowledgeable faculty. The department has well equipped labs and makes effective use of IT and digital technology as part of its teaching learning pedagogy. In addition to Physics lab and Chemistry lab the department has Language Lab that caters to the linguistic needs of the students thereby the students enhance their proficiency in communication skills.

Student mentoring has been one of the prime focuses of the department. Teachers as Guardian provide necessary support not only in their academics but also in their holistic development. Another focus of the department is additional learning support. Additional learning support facilitates slow learners to improve their performance and gain confidence. Every year the department organizes Science Exhibition to foster innovation and gives opportunity to convert their ideas to projects.

The department organizes Induction Program for the newly admitted students to inculcate the professional culture and to make them familiar with their branch of engineering. The program includes various activities for value base and Skill development of students.