Computer: Activities

Computer: Activities

Department of Computer Engineering, in association with Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and Computer Engineering Students Association (COESA) of SSBT's College of Engineering & Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon - 425 001(MS) has organized Three-day Webinar on "Insights into Hackathon" on 11th, 12th & 13th May, 2021.

The aim of the event is to provide a platform that is by the students & for the students, where peer learning is instrumental for quality development.

Objective of the webinar is to focus on insights into Hackathon and encourage students to participate in events at National & International level.

Total 915 students of SSBT's College of Engineering & Technology, Bambhori, Jalgaon - 425 001(MS) participated in this webinar. In this webinar, FIVE online sessions were conducted through Microsoft Teams. Resource persons for the sessions were SPOC (Hackathon) and the winners of SMART INDIA HACKATHON – 2020. Following was the schedule of the sessions conducted.

Time Topic Name of the Resource Person
Day – 1, 11th May 2021, Session - 1
11.00 AM Introduction of Hackathon and its Importance Mr. Dinesh Puri, SPOC (Hackathon), Asst. Prof., Computer Engineering Department
11.35 AM Problem Selection & Creative Solution Yashashree Vinod Mahajan, Student, BE Computer
12.35 PM Internal Hackathon Sagar Gorakh Patil, Student, BE Computer
Day – 1, 11th May 2021, Session - 2
3.00 PM Days of Hackathon Mohit Yuvraj Chaudhari, Student, BE Computer
3.50 PM Eleventh Hour of Hackathon and Miscellaneous Tejas Narendra Pingalkar, Student, BE Computer
Day – 2, 12th May 2021, Session - 3
11.00 AM Technical Complexities & Solution Development Samaksh Santosh Wani, Student, BE Computer
12.15 PM Compatible Technologies Dipesh Shivaji Chaudhari, Student, BE Computer
Day – 2, 12th May 2021, Session - 4
3.00 PM Strategies to Convert the Proposed Solution into the Successful Start-up Aditya Mahendra Nathani, Student, BE Computer
Gopal Anand Agrawal, Student, BE Computer
Day – 3, 13th May 2021, Session - 5
11.00 AM Introductionto Blockchain Technology SamakshSantosh Wani, Student, BE Computer
12.20 PM Questionand Answer Session

At the end of the Three-day sessions, online feedback was collected from the attendees. As per the feedback received, 46% of attendees stated that 100% of the information delivered during the sessions was useful and 41% of attendees stated that 75% of the information was useful. As compared with their expectations, 35% attendees remarked as Excellent and 46% remarked as Very Good. Around 23% attendees expressed their level of satisfaction as Very Satisfied with the question – answers during the sessions and 63% expressed as Satisfied. 91% students expressed their overall experience as Good & above.

Outcome of the webinar is that around 45% attendees have expressed their willingness to use the information provided immediately, and 42% attendees in next 2 - 3 months.

As per the feedback received, 49% attendees strongly agreed for the organization of such events and 48% attendee agreed for the same. Based on the feedback, the organizers strongly believe that such events should be organized in future.

Few glimpses of the sessions:





Dr. Girish Kumar Patnaik

Academic Year 2019-20
# Event Date Participant

Add on course on Instrumentation Analysis and Techniques in Computer Engineering, Industrial Waste Management & Treatment and Aseptic operation, containment and Industrial Hazards .

22-24/08/2019. SE, TE and BE

Teacher's day Celebration




Engineer's day Celebration

15/09/2019 SE, TE & BE

Final Year Students of Chemical Engineering visited Jain Farm Fresh Foods Limited, Solar Energy Division and Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, Shoirsoli Road, Jalgaon

25/09/2019 BE

Welcome for F. E. Student admitted in A.Y. 2019-2020

03/10/2019 FE, SE, TE &BE

Inauguration of Energy Club by Shri.Sanjeev Phadnis, Sr.Manager, Solar Energy Division, JISL, Jalgaon

04/10/2019 SE, TE & BE

Mr. Sandip Kabra, Director, Suhans Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Jalgaon delivered lecture on Experience of existing Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship Opportunities

8/03/2020 TE & BE

National Level students Paper Presentations, Milestone 2K19

07/032020 SE, TE & BE
Academic Year 2018-19
# Event Date Participant
1. Orientation Program conducted for First Year Computer Engineering Students, admitted in Academic Year 2018-19 04/08/2018 SE , TE &BE
2. Group Discussion on topic Biomedical waste 28/04/2018 SE, TE &BE
3. Debate competition on Global Warming. 09/08/2018 SE , TE &BE
4. Aptitude test 08/09/2018 SE , TE &BE
5. Engineer's day 15/09/2018 SE,TE & BE
6. Teachers day Celebration 24/09/2018 SE,TE & BE
7. Welcome for F.E. Students and Direct Second Year Students admitted in A.Y. 2018-19 27/09/2018 SE , TE &BE
8. National Level Students Paper Presentation, Milestone 2K19 02/03/2019 FE,SE , TE &BE
9. Women's day celebration 08/03/2019 SE , TE &BE
10. Shri. Ravindra Tanwar, GM (QA and Production), Finar Limited, Mumbai delivered Lecture on Significance of Laboratory Reagent Specification, Global Harmonize system and its impact on Laboratory safety. 13/03/2019 SE , TE & BE
11. Industrial lecture by Shri. Rahul Wani on topic Operations of Petrochemical refinery. 14/03/2019 SE , TE & BE
12. Smt.Smita Shirsale, Spectrum Electrical Components Pvt Ltd. Jalgaon delivered Lecture on HR practices in plastic industries 18/03/2019 SE , TE &BE
13. Industrial lecture by Shri. Sudip Rane, Director, S P Pharmaceuticals Jalgaon delivered lecture on Pharmaceutical Computer 03/04/2019 SE , TE &BE
14. Final Year Student's Project Exhibition & Competition, "Shodhprakalp Pratiyogita 2019" 03/04/2019 BE
15. Shri Ulhas Patil, Director, Acme Sujan Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Jalgaon delivered lecture on Specialty chemicals manufacturing overview. 03/04/2019 SE , TE & BE
Academic Year 2017-18
# Event Date Participant
1 Teachers day Celebration 05/09/2017 SE , TE & BE
2 Engineers day Celebration 15/09/2017 SE , TE & BE
3 Workshop on Antimicrobial activity of Medicinal plants 15-16/09/2017 SE , TE & BE
4 Welcome for F.E. Student admitted in A.Y. 2017-18 06/10/2017 FE,SE,TE & BE
5 National Level students Paper Presentations, Milestone 2K18 17/02/2018 SE,TE & BE
6 Womens day celebration 08/03/2018 SE , TE & BE
7 Guest lecture by Dr. Narendra Gosavi 14/03/2018 SE , TE & BE
8 Guest lecture by Dr. Zambre sir 16/03/2018 SE , TE & BE
9 Farewell For BE Students 30/03/2018 SE , TE & BE
10 Final Year Students Project Exhibition & Competition, Shodhprakalp Pratiyogita -2018 31/03/2018 BE
Academic Year 2016-17
# Event Date Participant

Group discussion on the topic should the Indian government allow field trials of genetically modified crops ?

16/07/2016 SE , TE & BE

Debate competition on the topic Should GST bill be imposed or not?

30/07/2016 SE , TE & BE

Be an Interviewer

20/08/2016 SE , TE & BE


Teacher's day Celebration

05/09/2016 SE , TE & BE


Engineer's day Celebration

15/09/2016 SE , TE & BE


Industrial Visit to Nirmal Seed Pachora and Ram Biotech Nashirabad, Jalgaon

24/09/2016 BE


Welcome for F.E. Student admitted in A.Y. 2016-2017

03/09/2016 FE,SE,TE & BE


National Level students Paper Presentations, Milestone 2K19

10/03/2017 SE,TE & BE


Guest lecture by Dr. K. B. Patil,

Vice President, Tissue Culture Division, Jain Irrigation System Ltd, Jalgaon on the topic Advances in Agriculture Computer.

21/03/2017 SE,TE & BE
Academic Year 2015-16
# Event Date Participant
1 Teacher day Celebration 05/09/2015 SE, TE, BE Students
2 Engineers Day Celebration 15/09/2015 SE, TE, BE Students
3 Aptitude Test based on the numeric and Technical Knowledge 23/10/2015 SE, TE, BE Students
4 Pollution : Current and Future Challenges 23/01/2016 SE, TE, BE Students
5 Green Technology for Better Tomorrow 17/02/2016 SE, TE, BE Students
6 Plant Tissue Culture 109/03/2016 SE, TE, BE Students
7 How to Setup flour Mill Industry? 11/03/2016 SE, TE, BE Students
8 Guidelines for Entrepreneurship in Food and soft ware Industries 11/03/2016 SE, TE, BE Students
9 Opportunities in Computer 11/04/2016 SE, TE, BE Students
Academic Year 2014-15
# Date Time Event Class Details
1 15-18/07/2014 4 days Departmental Seminars All faculty Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course
2 27/09/2014 1 days Seminar on “Art of Harnessing MIND POWER” All Students Speaker -
Ankit Tewari, Assistant Manager, NSE
3 17/01/2015 &
2 days Environmental Field Visit-2015 All Students Location: Anand Sagar, Shegaon
4 28/02/2015 1 day Science Exbihition-2015 All Students Poster and Scientific Model Presentation
Academic Year 2013-14
# Date Time Event Class Details
1 26-27 July, 2013
2 days First International Conference on “Mathematical Modelling and Optimization Techniques in Science and Engineering” All students and faculty Chief Guest-
Prof. Dr. Sudhir. U. Meshram,
VC, NMU, Jalgaon
Note Key Speaker-
Dr. G. Panda, IIT, Kharagpur
Dr. S. Nemani, USA
2 Sept.,
17-21, 2013
5 days Departmental Seminars All faculty Subject Knowlege Enhancement Course
3 Jan.,
16-18, 2014
3 days Visit to NMU AVISHKAR-2014 All Students Location-
NMU Campus, Jalgaon
4 Feb.,28,
1 day Science Exbihition-2014 All Students Poster and Scientific Model Presentation
5 5, 6, 9 and 11, March,
4 days Environmental Field Visit-2014 All Students Location-
Jain Valley and Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon